Our studio

We are humans. We love brands.

Mental Breakdown is an independently-owned branding strategy studio. We wake up every morning to help people say their truth.

We help brands by delivering the best ideas and visions possible throughout original branding strategies. 

We offer more than services.

Here at Mental Breakdown, we believe that everyone wants to stand for something. The Earth is full of mixed signals sent by disorganized brands to which people can't anchor themselves.

Through our social processes, we help brands to express themselves to the world with clarity and consistency. 

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Find your own frequency, grow as an outsider and conquer your market.

Driven by people.

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    We are partners.

    Mental Breakdown was founded on the conviction that every organization can inspire people. We're not money-driven but socially driven. We won't stop collaborating until we're all happy. We're excited to discover your brand, culture, and values by working as a team and not as a client/service provider type scheme. We're humans. Let's appreciate collaborating towards the same goal.

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    The future of work.

    We founded the studio with one mission: to help people gather around the same vision. We want people to be happy and free at work. We want them to be thrilled and motivated when they wake up. Positivity, kindness, and creativity at work are what the future should look like. At Mental Breakdown, the future is now.

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    Content accessibility.

    We want everyone to be able to access knowledge around branding. That's why we're creating tons of content for people. Education should be accessible for everyone and not based on your income. The future of education is digital, social, and affordable.

Our team

The humans behind the brand.

  • Johan Boulay

    aka the pixel pusher

    Head of Design & Brand Strategist

    Passionate about music, digital art, and design. Johan is a creative guy driven by the idea that creativity and positive thinking can make a huge impact in the world we live in. Also known as @gosmowdesign on Instagram, he is pushing the limits of his creativity by creating 3D artworks daily since 2018.

    As a passionate and caring person, Johan is always ready to experiment and share new experiences with people. No matter how difficult the challenge is, he is always ready to help human beings becoming the best version of themselves.

  • Alan Bourhis

    aka iMovie worshiper

    COO & Brand Strategist

    Former filmmaker. Alan is passionate about good branding that fuels humanity. Why filmmaking? Understanding a brand, bringing it into motion, and sharing it with the world is the biggest challenge ever.

    As a curious entity and serious newsreader, Alan is aware of everything going on in the world (we really think he could present the news on TV). His awareness, positivity, and open-minded approach to life make him a good listener and advice-giver.

  • Alban Mezino

    aka dirty code lover

    CEO & Brand Strategist

    Only one weird passion: solving any communication problem he sees. Why did Alban start to learn to code? He wanted to learn to develop his own communication tools. Now he's a former front-end web developer on a mission to help people communicating better.

    His favorite hobbies:
    Help to solve problems.
    Synthesizing big ideas.
    Making digital tools.

    His life goal is to help people on a large scale... starting w/ Mental Breakdown.