Our fantasy: reveal your brand.

We founded the studio with only one goal: 

To help companies make their mark without stress, headaches, tears, and feeling lonely.

No bullshit, pure honesty:
the truth about us.

Hey there.

I'm PROVOK, the founder of Mental Breakdown.

If you're reading this, you want to develop your business for good.

You couldn't care less about my life, and that's perfectly normal.

There are more important things: growing your business.

Look, let's face it, for us to help you, you need to trust us.

So instead of bragging about how good we are at what we do, I'll share a secret with you.

Clearly, our goal here is for you to evaluate us. For you to form a fair, honest, and precise opinion about us.

And for that, you must be aware of something. We have to let you in on it straight away.

You need to find out why we built Mental Breakdown.

But be warned, this is not a politically correct story. It's not a cute, watered-down Disney story. It's not a clich茅d romance like After, 50 Shades, or Divergent.

It's a turning point in our lives.

Creating Mental Breakdown is, at the same time, a realization, a revolt, and a revolution.

The year is 2020. Gosmow and I were working in an agency.

At that time, Gosmow is a graphic designer. He makes 3D renders all the time. He designs websites and creates logos for his company's clients.

At that time, I was a 鈥渃reative web developer.鈥 Roughly speaking, I design custom websites with animation and storytelling in mind for my agency's clients.

We are both passionate about our work.

Our common passions:

  • Enabling our clients to truly express who they are.

  • To reach their business goals.

  • Having a real impact.

The problem was that achieving excellence on every client project was not possible.

Our agencies didn't often let us get to the bottom of things because our bosses didn't know how to talk business with clients.

The advisory aspect of their jobs was often put aside to sell more useless website pieces.

We designed and developed blogs that remained unused for years.

We've seen blown-up graphic charters made by a graphic designer who thought he was an artist.

We've been in meetings where our bosses would walk away when it was time to discuss the client's real problems.

The truth is, we were sick of it!

Sick of seeing customers being ripped off.

Sick of not having the power to help them.

Sick of sitting on our hands while our bosses gave out blasted business advice.

We decided to move our asses and make things happen.

We figured we had to take the bull by the horns.

We created Mental Breakdown to help leaders steer their businesses in the right direction.

Our utopia is to enable any company on this planet to make decisions that are right, smart, and aligned with their values.

For that, there is no magic pill. We won't teach you how to walk on water. There is no such thing as a miracle.

What your business needs are results and guarantees. To help you reach your goals, we provide what our bosses have never offered for anyone:

  • A listening ear.

  • A methodology.

  • Meaning.

The crew


    CEO & Brand Strategist

  • Gosmow

    3D Designer & Brand Designer

  • Revoke

    3D Designer & Photographer