Our mission

Reveal bold brands.

We're not like other branding agencies.

Mental Breakdown is an independently-owned branding strategy studio. We wake up every morning to help people say their truth.

We help you articulate your ideas to shape your long-term vision, through a sharp brand strategy and identity.

We offer more than services.

Here at Mental Breakdown, we believe that everyone wants to stand for something. The Earth is full of mixed signals sent by disorganized brands to which people can't anchor themselves.

Through our social processes, we help brands to express themselves to the world with clarity and consistency

Do you feel us?

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Find your own frequency, grow as an outsider and conquer your market.

Our clients

Our vision.

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    We founded the studio with one mission: to help people gather around a common vision. We believe that having a sharp vision can change the world for the better.

    We visualize a world in which any visionary brand would finally be able to articulate and properly communicate its vision to the world. We see a world in which any meaningful company would be able to inspire its community. We imagine a world in which your community is fully aligned around your values, your mission, and your vision. Together, we can build something bigger than ourselves.

  • 02

    Demystify branding.

    We want everyone to be able to access knowledge around branding. This is why we have a long-term project: demystify branding through the provision of educational content.

    Education should be accessible for everyone and not based on your income. The future of education is digital, social, and affordable.

  • 03

    Give meaning to work.

    We want any employee to be fulfilled, happy and motivated when they wake up. Loyalty, positivity, and creativity at work are what the future should be.

    Therefore, each company will be able to produce good products and services. One will be able to align what it makes with its beliefs. One will be empowered to do the right thing through its shared vision.

    At Mental Breakdown, the future is now!

  • 04

    Partners above all.

    Mental Breakdown was founded on the conviction that every organization can inspire the world for the better. We are not motivated by money, but by ideas and people.

    We are excited to learn about your brand, your culture, and your values. By working hand in hand, we avoid the typical customer/supplier model.

    We're humans. Let's work together towards a common purpose.

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The Mental Breakers.

  • Alban Mezino


    CEO & Brand Strategist

    Alban oversees the strategic and creative direction of the studio. He is also the one in charge of articulating and communicating Mental Breakdown's vision.

    Originally, Alban was a Creative Front-End Web Developer & Design Ops.
    Being at the end of the production line and wanting to deliver quality work forced him to make a decision. He had to learn to connect design and development to the business and branding worlds.

    In everyday life, Alban is passionate. He loves finding, understanding, and solving communication problems.

    His goal in life is to enable bold businesses to achieve greatness.

  • Johan Boulay


    Head of Design & Brand Strategist

    Johan leads the design department at Mental Breakdown. He ensures that our clients get the best visual identity for their brand.

    Passionate about music, digital art, and design, Johan is a creative driven by an idea. For him, creativity and positive thinking can have a huge impact on the world we live in.

    Also known as @gosmowdesign on Instagram, he has been pushing the boundaries of his creativity by creating daily 3D art since 2018.

    No matter how difficult the challenge, he is always ready to help you become the best version of yourself.