Combination Mark Corporations

Year: 2022


  • Leadership Workshops

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Art Direction

  • 3D Illustrations

Mining Corporations is a simple way to acquire cryptocurrency mining machines at home to diversify your financial investments. Mining Corporations sells mining equipment, training courses, and home installation.

The principle is simple: you buy a “mining rig”, and assemble it alone or with the help of their team. You let the machine run. Finally, you cash the money produced by the work your machine does on a given blockchain.

Thanks to the brand, mining your cryptocurrencies from home becomes a breeze.

Mining Corporations' business is growing. New projects are in the pipeline... the team wants to take it to the next level.

Mining Corporations opens its idea box and realizes several things:

  1. The mining of crypto-currencies at home leads to some logistical complications like the noise of the machines, the energy waste ..
  2. Mining Corporations is the team's first project. They have others in mind, still related to the world of crypto and finance, but not directly related.

In the context of these two realizations that in April 2022, Mining Corporations contacted Mental Breakdown to work on its new brand image.

      The evolution

      The new brand name Corporations will encompass the various projects (including Mining Corporations), and its new image will carry the beginnings of an ethical and practical investment.

      No more machines at home!
      No more assembly. No more noise. No more energy waste.

      From now on, you own machines stored in mining farms that use only surplus energy.

      Instead of wasting energy, we consume energy that, without Corporations, would have been lost.

      The project is beautiful. What it lacks is a new face.

      This is the visual identity on which Corporations is building its new foundations.

      Combination Mark Corporations
      Old logo vs New one
      Corporations' logo grid
      Corporations' logo concept explanation
      Corporations posters examples
      Asic 3D gradient logo mockup
      Corporations color palette
      Typography layout example using Biennale font face
      Corporations : Layout example
      Mockup: logo on iridescent graphic card
      Layout example with logo, texts and 3D elements
      Layout example with logo and 3D elements