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Combining all these elements should enable you to lay the foundations of the Money-Value Bridge.

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The Money-Value Bridge.

For your business to function correctly, it must build its Money-Value Bridge. This bridge enables your business to deliver value to your customers in exchange for cash, simoleons, and dough.

For your bridge to bear the weight of vast quantities of delivered value and gigantic bags of dough, it must be robust and entirely constructed.

A complete Money-Value Bridge rests on three pillars:

  • Promotion

  • Product

  • People

These three pillars support the big building blocks we're all familiar with: marketing, sales, branding, business, product, ops, human resources, etc.

Our aim with our free business resources is to help you build your 3 pillars and lay all the bricks without paying anything.

All you must invest is time, sweat, tears, and blood.



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