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From: PROVOKTo: Startup CEO

We both know it.

Growing a business is hard.

Really hard.

At the very beginning, you think everything's going to be okay. You really believe it. Your idea is so great and your intentions so pure that all your future customers are bound to understand you can help them.

But you soon realize that business is much more complex than that. You worry about where the next customer is going to come from.

You're stressed.

Your brain never stops thinking.

Relearning to sleep as a baby gets added to your to-do list. But of course... you don't have the time.

You're always needed.

By everyone.

All the time.


Should I be blogging? Should I post on LinkedIn five times a day? Start a podcast?

Document my entire life on Instagram?

Create a personal brand?

In fact, should we do some advertising ... ? Partner with influencers? Spend all our dough on a new logo?

What about AI? ChatGPT might have the solution?

Ah, I got it! Why not redesign our website?

That's the problem! That's it!

Oh yeah, this is it.

That's precisely what we need to have more impact, get more customers and help more people!

*My mouth goes dry. My hands are clammy. My heart aches.*

If I can write these lines, it's because I know the feeling, the thoughts, the weekends spent at work, the revolutionary ideas in the shower, and all the little things that sometimes make you feel like an alien.

As entrepreneurs, our problems are that we have shiny object syndrome mixed with a heavy dose of attention deficit disorder... and a big pinch of 鈥淚 can do it all by myself.鈥

You end up doing a little of this... a little of that.

Ultimately, we don't take vacations anymore and burn out with all the things we 鈥渉ave to鈥 do. Clearly, our life is like the Court of Miracles.

At Mental Breakdown, we call this Hell.

It's too hot all the time, we flog ourselves like crazy, and we end up losing our souls.

If you're still reading these words, it's because, somehow, your business isn't where you want it to be.

Even with all the effort you've put into it...

Lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, hustling...

You've given everything to get this far. You've given up nights, sacrificed evenings, and even some of your friendships.

I can promise you that you didn't do all this for nothing.

Some people like to play soccer, others like to play chess. I enjoy solving problems. I love helping people like you improve their business.

In fact, I see your business as a chain.

Your business is only as strong as its weakest link.

My job is to help you pull hard on your chain to find the link that will break first.

This is why I founded Mental Breakdown. We provide you with all the tools and methods to learn how to find the weakest link as fast as possible and change it the best way you can.

Our dream is for your business to meet the 7 criteria of the perfect business so that you can get out of survival mode and start pushing the human race forward.

Nos offres

  • Private Business Training

    (Hyper Stonk)

    • The Perfect Business System.
    • Weekly coaching sessions.
    • Private Discord server.
    • Custom branding services.
    • Sales x Marketing Strategies Playbook.
    • Mesmerizing Pitch Techniques Playbook.

    Starting at €90,000 for 1/3 of a year.

    Only 3 spots per year.

  • Perfect Business System

    (Super Stonk)

    • 18 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.
    • Free installation.
    • 24/7 support on Discord.
    • 10+ explanatory videos.
    • 5+ tools & checklists.
    • Entire system on Notion.

    Starting at €9,000.

    Only 5 setups per month.

  • Free Stuff

    (Free Stonk)

    You think education is expensive?
    Try ignorance.

    We believe education is priceless. That is why we give real business advice for free:

    • Videos
    • Checklists
    • Templates
    • Roadmaps
    • Cheat sheets
    • Guides
    • Quiz

Custom branding services

Included in the Private Business Training offer.

Our philosophy & principles.

  • The agency has died.

    Nobody trusts agencies anymore, and that's normal. They never allow their customers to grow and learn. They make them depend on their services, and that's the problem.

    An excellent agency should help its customers to become self-sufficient. The perfect agency is the ideal blend of a pirate ship, a school, and loving parents.

    We spot your ship. We board. Instead of stealing your time and money, we give you all our treasures and help you get the most out of your crew.

    Once we've given you everything and repaired your ship's hull together, we'll let you sail away again with a stronger ship than ever.

    For us, that's what an agency should do:
    Help you go the distance.

    That's why you'll never hear us refer to ourselves as an agency. We're proud to be a pirate studio.

  • A true entrepreneur wants to learn.

    In reality, nobody wants to be rich. Everyone wants to learn how to get and stay rich.

    The key word here is learning. Learning is the ability to change behavior when faced with the same context over and over again. Intelligence means learning as quickly as possible. An intelligent business adapts its behavior quickly.

    You're always exchanging money for knowledge when you hire an agency, a coach, or consultants. Those who don't pay in money pay with their time and spend evenings and weekends learning by themselves.

    The thing is, letting someone else do all the work for you prevents you from learning:
    Learning 0% / Speed 100% / Dependency 100%

    And spending 20 years of your life looking for the right information to test in the field doesn't help you either:
    Learning 100% / Speed 5% / Dependency 0%

    Learning comes from theory and practice.

    Our aim is to help you learn better and faster. We give you everything we know. We help you put it into practice. All this so you can get rid of us as quickly as possible.
    Learning 100% / Speed 100% / Dependency 0%

  • You choose the method.

    Our raison d'être is to enable entrepreneurs around the world to make their dreams come true for the betterment of mankind.

    Our mission is to help fair, ambitious, and honest entrepreneurs worldwide make a name for themselves, perfect their businesses, and build their legends.

    To achieve this, we must understand that nobody works the same way. We all have different ways of working and learning.

    We must adapt to help the maximum number of businesses learn how to create the perfect business and succeed.

    You've got time, and you want to learn for free. We've got plenty of free stuff for you.

    You've got time and a little money and want to get more results faster. We've created the Perfect Business System to do just that: get results.

    You want the best results as fast as possible while zeroing out all the efforts and sacrifices associated with learning. The Private Business Training is waiting for you.