Brand & vision

Turn your business into a brand that is easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

Creating a unique and memorable brand your target market will love is simple.


A poignant vision makes it possible to change the world for the better.

Our goal is to help bold brands articulate their vision and share it with the world.

To do this, we proceed in 3 steps.

From strategy to identity, we position you as the inevitable brand in your market.

Simple. Basique.

Avez-vous les bases ?

  • Yet another rebrand?

    Your visual identity does not truly represent your brand... and you know it.

    Your current image only distances your brand from what it is at its core.

    Despite this, you know that:
    "This time, it's going to work."

    • Mixed message

    • Wrong language

    • Bad image

  • A culture problem?

    Delivering a consistent brand message is not an easy task.

    Especially when your collaborators don't understand what your brand stands for.

    • Unsure big picture

    • Wrong values structure

    • Wrong culture

  • Misunderstood brand?

    Your leads don't get what you do?

    They don't understand the depth of your solutions?

    Do you feel misundertood?

    • Unclear mission

    • Foggy vision

    • Wrong market position

Let's take a step back:

What are the risks?

  • Losing in sincerity

    In the long run, your collaborators will not be fulfilled.

    Some will be afraid of being replaced.
    Others will secure their position.

    They'll all forget they believed in something bigger than their own fears.

    Your collaborators will no longer be driven by what your brand is doing.
    Your brand will miss the true power of communication and teamwork.

  • Losing your time

    Hiring top performers who are not aligned with your brand culture?
    Waste of time.

    Rebranding based on visual appeal alone?
    Waste of time.

    Redesigning your website to fit each new visual identity?
    Waste of time.

    Your brand statement, mission, vision and values come second. Your brand loses time and money with each new expense.

  • Losing in impact

    Do you recall brands broadcasting a plethora of information in all directions?
    Don't worry. Nobody does.

    Your goal is simple: never become one of those brands.

    Communicating a confusing message hurts your brand and diminishes its impact.

    Little by little, your brand falls into a deep spleen. The world loses interest in it, its products, and its services. That's called a Mental Breakdown.

Sick of talking about problems?

Let's talk about solutions instead.

Great branding helps you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd with an efficient identity.

  • Become easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

  • Reach the best brand position in your market.

  • Be understood and supported by your community.

  • Give purpose and meaning to your people's work.

  • Never be seen as amateurs again.

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