Updated on December 1, 2022.

Branding lexicon

List of handy definitions for the curious little ones 😏.

(And it's sorted in alphabetical order 😱)

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules and instructions that make up the identity of a brand and the way it communicates on its channels.

You will find in this document all the rules concerning using your brand's communication media.

This document aims to help your brand maintain and evolve its communication style.

Graphic charter

A graphic charter is a document summarizing all the visual rules that constitute the graphic identity of a company, brand, service, or product.

Corporate culture

All the knowledge, values, and behaviors specific to a company's functioning.


The act of differentiating a brand or company from its competitors to customers and/or community.

Visual identity

A visual identity is a set of coherent visual elements that identify a company, a brand, a product, or a service through its various communication media. It can be made up of a name, a logo, colors, typography,

Brand image

The brand image (not to be confused with the visual identity) designates a person's representation of a brand, company, product, or service. It is the feeling a person has about a brand based on all his interactions with it.


A short, catchy melody usually associated with a slogan to help memorize it.

Logotype, aka logo

Often, what we call a logo is really called a trademark.

A trademark is a distinctive sign that can take the form of a logotype, a symbol, a monogram, an emblem, etc.

It is a distinctive sign that represents a brand or a company. It is an essential element of visual communication that identifies your brand.


A market niche is a small market segment. The number of players on the supply side is limited, but the niche is considered profitable due to the low competition structure of its market.

Brand platform

A document summarizing the strategy and the brand territory. It is the document shared with each of the company's collaborators to communicate clearly:

  • the brand's mission

  • the brand's vision

  • the brand's positioning

  • the story the brand tells

  • etc.

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is the work of positioning a brand, a product, or a service in a defined market to reach specific targets.


The action of redesigning a brand strategically, visually, or sonically.

Sound signature

The sound signature should be seen as a "sonic logo" of your brand.


A concise and impactful formula to express an idea based on the essence of a brand. A slogan is generally punchy and intelligent to be remembered.

Brand strategy

The core of your brand's overall definition. To learn more: "The importance of brand strategy."


Study of a brand's market. A market study allows you to better understand your environment by identifying the leading competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. It is partly thanks to the latter that you can position yourself correctly in your market.