Finally a branding agency that guarantees concrete results.

If we don't help you, you don't pay us.

It's that simple.

The truth is your logo, your colors; nobody cares.

It's all paint.

It's a waste of money if it doesn't solve your problems. You need results.

Paying for a makeover is useless without an actual project, real problems, real constraints, and a well-thought-out strategy. But you already know that.

What you need:

  • Complete coaching to understand in depth how to transform your brand into a real marketing asset.

  • A partner who listens to you, challenges you, and guides you.

  • A pragmatic, efficient, and concrete method.

Create a solid reputation and become number #1 in your market.

Let's be straightforward and honest.

Changing your logo will not make your brand number one and wipe out your competition.

I'm not telling you anything new. For that to happen, your company has to be the best on campus. You and your colleagues are the only ones who can guarantee that.

Our job is quite different.

We make everyone understand that your company is trustworthy. We make your tribe, community, and enemies understand that your business is worthy of being number one. And as a bonus, we help you create the brand experience that secures that status.

To do this, we help you build and highlight a singular entity for which there is no substitute.

Simply put, we turn your business into a unique, charismatic brand that is impossible to ignore.

Just like that.

An irresistible offer: Unleash the Beast庐.

We make an offer that anyone in their right mind would find hard to refuse: test our services without taking risks.

We call it the 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  1. We offer you a free strategy session because revealing yourself and your true needs to us should never be charged.

  2. Then, we start the audit of your brand. You won't owe us a single cent if we don't deliver. You pay for the audit only if it provides you real value or if you want to go further with us.

  3. This guarantee applies to every step that follows. No value at any stage... refund!

In the end, you'll only encounter one scenario:

Leave with the result of our first exchanges for $0 or invest in a collaboration for which you are confident of the tangible and palpable value.

Ultimately, you will never spend your hard-earned money on a useless expense. You will invest tangibly in the future of your project.

Why do we make you such an offer?

Well, it's simple. You have tried many methods, practices, and tools to develop your business.

Some have worked, but most have failed.

Worse, at this point, you've probably been lied to. You've sometimes been cheated, robbed, extorted, and outright...

Scammed by those dirty carpet sellers.

You know damn well who I mean...

They sold you the world and, at best, delivered you the moon. Those charlatans who tried to sell you a pretty visual identity that didn't solve any of your problems. The ones who tried to make you believe in magic without even having a good trick up their sleeve.

It pisses me off just thinking about it.

Because in a world of pseudo-branding experts who are better at writing LinkedIn posts than in their own field... Most brand image 鈥渟pecialists鈥 are, at best, old ad men stuck in the past or charlatans pretending to be magicians.

So rather than spending our time and resources trying to convince you that we're different, we decided to show you. Because the world of communication counts more incompetents per inhabitant than any other profession.

Whether it's a branding agency, an image consultant, or a coffee-drinking 鈥渕arketing expert,鈥... they all promised you a magic trick.

All you got was bullshit.

When their performance ended, they left you with more excuses than results.

So, pragmatically, how are we different from these pseudo 鈥渆xperts鈥 and smooth talkers who don't deliver?

There is no such thing as magic or miracles.

Cut the bullshit. You need something tangible. You need another approach. A unique approach based on a concrete method and system.

Most agencies are good at doing 鈥渄esign stuff鈥 but know nothing about business, especially in today's digital age.

Everything we do at Mental Breakdown aims to solve business problems.

And as a reminder, we don't get paid if we don't.

*Our accountant resigned just by reading this sentence*

The quest for rightness is our driving force at Mental Breakdown.

To meet the needs of our clients in the most accurate way, we have developed a unique 鈥渟ystem鈥 for branding and marketing almost anything, to anyone, at any price.

It is a combination of methods, techniques, and exercises.

Combining these elements creates an exceptionally effective branding system that allows almost any company to communicate, market, and sell like crazy.

Because getting predictable and consistent results is never the result of...

Massive doses of hope sprinkled with stardust and unicorn tears.

It's not about that... It's about having a predictable and reliable system to smartly market yourself.

Our system is a war treasure. It includes proven strategies and tactics that most agencies don't know.

For example...

  • We've found a way to nurture, direct and effectively guide all your marketing campaigns with your brand. No more struggling to figure out what to market and how to sell it (how many agencies helped you do that by redesigning your logo?)

  • We know what you need to do to make the world understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. (So few agencies fully understand how to articulate in-depth and clearly what your brand is all about).

  • We know the biggest mistakes made by 99% of businesses trying to revamp their positioning. (These mistakes cost them a fortune and a lot of market share.)

But that's not all. We also know how to...

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and make yourself unique.

  • We have developed a methodology that aligns your business strategies with your brand positioning and creates an image that represents that consistency. (This is the exact opposite of what your competitors are doing.)

  • We know techniques that allow you to perfectly pitch your brand and the solutions it provides. You'll kill it in 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or 30 minutes because you'll know what to say about what you do ex.

  • We know how to help your teams fully own your brand to better sell, recruit, and market...

You get it. We know how.