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We help bold, mission-driven companies. Our ambition is simple: Help them align their actions, words, and the image they project.

We help them with various services combining business strategy, branding, marketing, and design.

The devil is in the details.

A complete and detailed listing of our solutions.

  • Brand audit

    Workshop in the form of a discussion:

    • Questions / Answers.
    • Note-taking.

    Topics covered:

    • Brand history.
    • Brand words.
    • Brand statement.
    • Customer profiles.
    • The company's current vision.
    • Symptoms.
    • Goals.
    • Vision of the future.
    • Competitors.

    A written summary of discussions and recommendations (≈ 30 pages).

    Action plan for the next steps.

  • Brand strategy

    Raison d'être statement.

    Mission statement.

    Vision statement.

    Core values.

    Resonating trends.


    Onliness statement.

    Community and ecosystem.

    Loyalty system.

    Sworn enemy.

    Blue ocean.



    Touchpoints and differentiating experience.

    Alignment strategy.

    Vision for growth.

  • Brandscape

    Competitive analysis.

    Analysis synthesis and results interpretation.

    Positioning matrices definition.

    Competitors' positioning.

    Select a position in complete alignment with brand strategy.

  • Brand platform

    Clear, intelligent, and synthetic formatting of:

    • brand strategy.
    • brand territory.

    Addition of the brand's Why, How, and What.

    Writing of the brand manifesto.

    Unique Story Proposition:

    • Brand archetypes.
    • Definition of the actantial model.
    • Definition of narrative schema and characters.
    • Storytelling guide.

    Creation of the brand platform: the clear, easily-shared document setting out all the above elements.

  • Brand identity



    Logo design.

    Graphic charter:

    • Typographic system.
    • Grid system.
    • Color system.
    • Graphic set system.
    • Typographic rules and advice.
    • Typographic system user guide.
    • Color system user guide.
    • Graphic set system user guide.
    • Trademarks, wordmarks, and combination marks user guide

    Graphic variations (project-specific):

    • Custom icon pack.
    • Business cards.
    • PDF deck templates.
    • Social network exports: banners and profile images.
    • ...

    3D design:

    • 3D modeling and sculpting (characters and objects).
    • 3D texturing.
    • 3D illustration.
    • 3D animation.
  • Brand guidelines

    Reprise de tous les éléments de la charte graphique et écritures de guidelines appronfondies.

    Brand voice / Tone of voice.

    Verbal guidelines : Listing des sujets de prédilection et exemplification du ton utilisé à l'égard de chaque sujet.

    Photography Guidelines.

    Video Guidelines.

    Composition Guidelines.

    Illustration Guidelines.

  • Brand pitch

    Pitch deck.

    Pitch versions 30 sec, 3 min, and 30 min.

    Practical and pragmatic lessons on body language.

    Pitch workshop:

    • Tips and tricks for pitching.
    • Body language.
    • Elocution.
    • Speech.

Dans la pratique.

Voici synthétiquement à quoi sert chaque étape.

  • Brand audit

    A brand audit enables you to thoroughly diagnose your brand's current situation.

    It also enables us to distinguish between symptoms and actual problems.

    This stage serves as the basis for the following steps.

  • Brand strategy

    Brand strategy should be seen as personal development at a business level.

    This stage defines the soul of the brand. It articulates the brand’s raison d'être, mission, and vision (see exhaustive list above) and aligns its ambitions with its objectives.

    Without it, your brand doesn’t know:

    • who it really is.
    • what is its “purpose in life.”
    • who it serves.
    • what problem it solves.

    On a personal level, it’s hard to add value and achieve your goals if you don’t know who you are and how to align with yourself in words and deeds... it’s the same for your brand.

  • Brandscape

    Brandscape is where we define your positioning.

    Think of it as your brand’s arrival on the playground. 

    Thanks to its brand strategy, your brand finally knows who it truly is. Now it’s time to study its playground, aka its market. At this stage, we analyze your competitors and position them in the playground.

    Then, with the help of your brand strategy, we choose the best positioning for your brand, which is visually defined on matrices.

  • Brand platform

    This document formalizes the previous steps in a synthetic and intelligible way, aiming to make your brand accessible to everyone.

    Think of this document as your brand’s bible.

    This document allows you to share your work on your brand with all your collaborators.

    Logically, you should share this document with your marketing and sales service providers to align your communication actions with the very essence of your brand.

    Strategy is the brain of your brand.

    Positioning is the visualization of how you’ll use your brand’s muscles and how you’ll get results.

    The brand platform enables all cells (aka collaborators and partners) to mobilize properly to take concrete actions with the brand’s muscles (aka marketing campaigns, sales, global communication campaigns, website creation, copywriting, SEO, content creation, ...).

  • Brand identity

    This is the part of branding that everyone knows about.

    Logo, graphic charter, colors, typography, etc.

    Your brand now knows “who it is, ““how it stands in the world,” and “the image it wants to project.”

    Now’s the time to give it a makeover so that it presents itself well when selling and serving its customers.

    The aim is to ensure that she chooses her identity correctly and that no one can ever say to her:

    “You’re not wearing your clothes ... your clothes are wearing you”.

  • Brand guidelines

    This is the direct extension of your brand identity.

    Here, we define all the rules concerning the brand’s image to make sure it’s mastered from start to finish.

    Once we’ve given an identity to your brand, we’ll let it dress like a big girl.

    Your marketers, salespeople, and communicators will be able to communicate correctly and efficiently using words, images, videos, PDFs, and more.

  • Brand pitch

    What’s the point of being great if you can’t explain it?

    Here, we look at how to verbally communicate the brand’s concrete benefits.

    This is the most challenging exercise since it teaches you how to become the primary medium for speaking ... even before your PowerPoint.

    You’ll be able to create passion in 30 seconds, 3 minutes, and 30 minutes.

Three options.One choice.

  • Agency

    Hire us to do it with you.

    Together, we’ll align your words, actions, and image to turn your business into a brand that lives up to its ambitions.

    Hypercharge your business and obliterate the competition with our methods.

    Put my business on steroids
  • Coaching

    Our coaching program enables us to work with you regularly, using our expertise to solve your particular problems.

    In each session, we tackle one of the specific problems slowing you and your business down.

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  • Courses

    In need of a concrete method to get your business moving in the right direction?

    Our courses are designed to do just that.

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