Private Business Training for SaaS startups.

The program includes:

  • The Perfect Business System.

  • Weekly coaching sessions.

  • Private Discord server.

  • Custom branding services.

  • Sales x Marketing Strategies Playbook.

  • Mesmerizing Pitch Techniques Playbook.

To guarantee the best results, we train only 3 customers annually through the Private Business Training.

Program price: €90,000 for 1/3 of a year (details below).

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Becoming Batman is faster and easier with Alfred around.

Signing up for a gym membership on the 1st of the year is easy. Going to the gym every week for a whole year is more challenging. It takes a lot of discipline and willpower.

Even Batman needs someone to push him out of the Batcave, keep him on track, and go the distance to build his legend.

The Private Business Training is the equivalent of Alfred... on steroids... crossed with Robin, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon... trained by Superman... in the Justice League's physical preparation bunker. It's the perfect mix of youthful ardor and old warrior wisdom.

Our coaching program guarantees results and prevents you from saying, “I don't have time this week.” We commit to taking you to the business center with us once a week for half a day. You'll have done at least 52 sessions at the end of the year.

Suppose your business isn't building muscle with that kind of commitment. In that case, it's not getting enough protein and supplements... and we ensure that too:

  • We're with your business every week.

  • We answer all your questions on Discord.

  • We give you our sales, marketing, and communication playbooks.

  • And best of all, we'll do your branding right because we're strategists and designers.

The crazy thing is that all these elements are accompanied by the Perfect Business System, the structure we'll use to work together:

  • 18 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.

  • 10+ explanatory videos.

  • 5+ tools & checklists.

  • 1 automated and robust Notion system.

Training superheroes takes time. As a result, we only have 3 spots available per year.

Fuck the deadlines guarantee.

Because we're such die-hards, we've added a guarantee that any sane person would find hard to refuse: using our services without taking risks.

We call it Fuck The Deadlines Guarantee.

If we don't double your top line in 12 months, we'll keep working with you for free until we reach that goal or until Mental Breakdown flatlines.

We're literally risking our lives for you, so here are the conditions you must meet for the guarantee to be valid:

  • A minimum of one work session per week.

  • A minimum of 52 work sessions must be validated before the guarantee can be triggered.

  • The plan defined together during the program has been respected and implemented to the letter.

Discord private server.

In life, shortcuts and short-term hacks don't work.

Michael Jordan didn't become the leader of a 6-time trophy-winning team by using some magical productivity secret.

The secret: sweat, tears, blood and determination.

We'll keep you injury-free, support you through every training session, and do the exercises with you.

To do all this, we had to find a tool to optimize our training sessions. That tool is Discord.

We can chat, support you, answer all your questions, set up appointments, share screens, and meet up every week in one place at the click of a button.

Yes, we'll break a sweat. But we'll do it together and without any difficulty.

Custom branding services.

Some steps in the Perfect Business System are directly linked to specific parts of the branding world, such as visual identity design, competitor benchmarking, or brand guidelines creation.

In the Perfect Business System, these steps are designed as tutorials, enabling our customers to work it out themselves.

Here, with the Private Business Training, we carry out these steps for you.

To be more precise, the steps that follow evolve, and we implement them for you:

  • Positioning ⇒ Ultimate Positioning

  • Practical Brand Platform ⇒ Ultimate Brand Platform

  • Practical Brand Identity ⇒ Ultimate Brand Identity

  • Practical Brand Guidelines ⇒ Ultimate Brand Guidelines

  • Practical Pitch ⇒ Ultimate Pitch


Over the last few years, we've accumulated enormous knowledge on specific subjects such as sales, marketing, communication, body language, etc.

We condensed all this testing, knowledge, and learning into playbooks.

These documents condense specific techniques linked to persuasion and different communication strategies.

We'll be using them with you as we move into the final stages of the Perfect Business System.

Fast training Guiness World Record.

Here at Mental Breakdown, we see ourselves as a pirate supply ship. We'll board your ship, give you all our treasures, take care of your crew, and send you back out to sea stronger than ever in a record time.

Our prime objective is to ensure that our Private Business Training improves your business life for good. Our second focus is to save your business as much time as possible by doing it efficiently.

Like a Formula 1 pit stop, we want to change these wheels in half a second so you can overtake everyone else on the track.

To achieve this, we've adapted our business model to your needs.

We charge an entry fee of €50,000 for everything we bring to the table right from the start:

  • The Perfect Business System.

  • Communication via private Discord server.

  • Custom branding services.

  • Sales x Marketing Strategies Playbook.

  • Mesmerizing Pitch Techniques Playbook.

We then charge €2,500 per coaching session.

The less time we spend with you, the more profitable we are. The less time you spend in the pit, the less impact it has on the rest of your race. This way, your stakes and ours are aligned. It pushes us all to keep our eye on the ball and perform together.

Turn your business into a war machine for only 2 months of a product designer's salary.