Perfect Business System for SaaS startups.

The solution includes :

  • 18 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.

  • Free installation.

  • 24/7 support on Discord.

  • 10+ explanatory videos.

  • 5+ tools & checklists.

  • Entire system on Notion.

Price: €9,000.

The first framework is free.

We perform only 5 installations per month during the first week of each month.

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Your business...
on steroids.

The perfect business exists. It only needs to meet 7 simple criteria. It's around these 7 characteristics that we've built the Perfect Business System.

This system results from 1600 to 1800 hours of work over 6 months to compile all our methods and secrets into a simple, comprehensive, and practical tutorial.

Let's use a simple analogy to visualize the scope of this tutorial. At Mental Breakdown, we imagine your business as a bridge in constant evolution.

Two types of vehicles can cross this bridge:

  1. Vehicles carrying money

  2. Vehicles delivering value

For your bridge to hold up, the rules are simple:

  • The bridge must be built from end to end. Otherwise, no vehicle can pass.

  • Each bridge pillar must be robust. Otherwise, vehicles may fall off.

  • The bridge deck (the road) must be broad enough to allow the most significant vehicles of money and value to travel through.

If these rules are broken, your business can neither distribute value to your customers nor collect money.

We've created the Perfect Business System to help you :

  • complete your bridge

  • with solid pillars

  • with a deck broad enough to deliver maximum value for maximum money

  • on stable and supporting foundations

The system includes 18 frameworks to achieve this.

Each framework is designed to address a specific theme.

Here are the themes in question:

  • Business Audit

  • Roadmap

  • Brand Soul®

  • Market & Niche

  • Ultimate Avatar

  • Avatar Dream Outcome

  • Brand Strategy

  • Positioning

  • Extreme Value Solutions

  • High-Value Offers

  • Perfect Business Model

  • Perfect Pricing

  • Ultimate Naming

  • Practical Brand Platform

  • Triple One

  • Practical Brand Identity

  • Practical Brand Guidelines

  • Practical Pitch

Automated system on Notion.

To provide the most complete, simple, and practical experience, we've created a Notion space containing all 18 frameworks.

The whole thing is presented like a book, with practical exercises on every page. Almost all of these exercises are structured as fill-in-the-blank tables.

The advantage of this approach is that we reuse the data from these tables throughout the adventure, giving you maximum comfort at every stage.

For example, the Brand Strategy framework reuses your results from the Brand Soul® framework exercises to recontextualize your objectives during this new stage.

Without having to go back “to the beginning of the book,” you'll have a practical summary of your Brand Soul® right at the start of the Brand Strategy.

The entire system uses over 30 intelligent tables to make your work easier.

Once all the work is done, all your results are recompiled and displayed in specific dashboards, giving you a clear overview of your entire business.

Videos, checklists, tools...

We want to accompany each customer from A to Z. Unfortunately, we live in a finite universe with constraints.

So, we've added as many tools as possible to help you get the most out of our system over the years.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure you can master each subject from start to finish with explanatory videos, subject-specific checklists, and more.

To go even further and make learning our methods as easy as possible, we've added homemade illustrations to the frameworks to simplify as much as possible complex business concepts.

Here are a few examples:


We chose Notion to host the Perfect Business System because the tool enables us to create the best possible working experience for your business.

However, not everyone uses Notion. And even among the tool's power users, only some have fully mastered it.

To take our idea to its logical conclusion and make your experience 100% easier, we've gone one step further:

  • If you don't have a Notion space, we'll create one for you and install the Perfect Business System in this fresh space.

  • If you already have a Notion space, we'll install the Perfect Business System directly on your space.

  • We've created a tutorial page that brings together the most concise and practical tutorials on using Notion like a pro without wasting time. We install this helpful resources page alongside the Perfect Business System.

  • We've created an in-depth video tutorial explaining how to easily use and navigate the Perfect Business System.

Like you, we don't have “unlimited time” on this earth. We can only carry out 5 installations per month during the first week of each month.

Book a call now to secure your start next month.

TL;DR — Overview.

You gain access to a complete system that connects your business's brain, neurons, nervous system, and muscles.

Included in the offer :

  • 18 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.

  • 10+ explanatory videos.

  • 5+ tools & checklists.

  • 1 automated and robust Notion system.

We install everything on your Notion space (or create one for you if you don't already have one).

Even Crazier Than Growing Hair On Bezos's Head Guarantee.

At Mental Breakdown, we prefer clarity without hidden messages rather than bullshit-coated phrases.

You have a 14-day cancellation period... and that's it.

After that, all sales are final because you won't be able to forget the methods contained in the Perfect Business System.

Our system is so complete and powerful that once the Pandora's box has been opened, it can't be closed again.

We reveal all our business secrets, which is why all sales are final.

The frameworks in detail.

Frameworks are designed to go the distance. Once you've used and abused them all, they'll become the benchmark for understanding your business.

Initially, you'll use them all individually and in order.

Then, you'll abuse them to perfect the definition of your business and its actions.

And finally, you'll return to a specific framework occasionally when your work needs updating.

1. Business Audit.

This framework enables you to assess your business and its maturity. The aim is to draw relevant conclusions and then define the way forward.


  • Tutorial with exercises and questions to help you carry out a complete audit of your business.

  • Summary template to formulate your conclusions clearly, precisely, and concisely.

2. Roadmap.

We take the audit results and turn them into something intelligible and intelligent. We set the course for the rest of the adventure.


  • Review of the audit summary.

  • Explanations linked to the system's underlying objective ⇒ to build the perfect business.

  • Description of the frameworks.

  • Roadmap articulation.

3. Brand Soul®.

This is the definition of your brand's soul. Its articulation will enable your brand's soul to emanate from all future business actions.

This deep definition of your brand's integrity will let you know whether its day-to-day actions are aligned with its overall direction.


  • Introduction and explanations.

  • Brand Soul articulation:

    • Death notice.

    • Dreams and nightmares.

    • Raison d'être.

    • Mission.

    • Vision.

    • Core values.

    • Belief system.

    • Ecosystem definition.

    • Nemesis.

    • Temptations and pitfalls.

    • Egeria.

  • A practical example for each exercise.

  • A warning for CEOs at the end of the framework.

4. Market & Niche.

Here, we choose a promising market and a precise niche. Once you've done that, your business will be able to bring much more value to an audience that's much easier to target.


  • Defining the criteria for a viable market.

  • Listing of market ideas.

  • Ranking + choice of the relevant market.

  • Listing and articulation of appropriate niche ideas.

  • Niche selection.

  • Bonus: Selection of sectors to target on LinkedIn.

5. Ultimate Avatar.

It's the definition of the ultimate avatar of your business. The aim is to easily find your targets and bring them maximum value, to capture their hearts and minds.


  • The differences between ICP and persona.

  • Defining ICPs for marketing, sales, and product.

  • The precise definition of personae for marketing, sales, and product.

6. Avatar Dream Outcome.

We define and articulate the dream outcomes of your primary targets so that you can bewitch them while gagged, blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back, on Zoom, with a 3G connection.


  • Definition and articulation of possible dream outcomes for your perfect avatar.

  • Ranking + selection of the best dream outcomes to test in the field.

7. Brand Strategy.

This is the battle plan you need to achieve success in terms of business, ethics, and image for total alignment between your brand's soul and your business's actions.


  • Introduction to brand strategy.

  • Brand strategy: Personality & Image

    • Brand Soul recap.

    • Brand personality sliders.

    • Brand archetypes.

    • Brand props.

  • Brand Strategy: Define Success

    • Business goals.

    • Listing of business KPIs to create the perfect business.

    • Definition + explanations + KPI calculation formulas.

    • Automatic KPI calculator.

    • Churn explanations + more precise calculation method with Weibull and Lomax models.

  • Brand Strategy: Achieve Success

    • Visualization of current business results thanks to the automatic calculator.

    • Creating projected results to visualize potential futures (business optimization using auto-calculated KPIs).

    • Business action plan.

8. Positioning.

We define your position in the schoolyard before taking it over.


  • Niche and market recap.

  • Competitor listing.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Analysis synthesis.

  • Perceptual mapping.

  • Positioning definition.

  • Positioning statement.

9. Extreme Value Solutions.

We redefine the stakes for your perfect avatar and use them to your advantage, delivering so much value that it will be impossible for them to say no to your offers.


  • Definition of perceived value in the form of a mathematical formula.

  • The boo-hoo list ⇒ Listing all prospects' classic excuses based on the value formula.

  • Classic excuses ⇒ Anti-boo-hoo solutions.

  • Exhaustive listing of all distribution channels for the various solutions.

  • Ranking of solutions by production cost and actual value delivered.

  • To-do list of anti-boo-hoo solutions sorted and prioritized.

10. High-Value Offers.

Based on the extreme value solutions defined above, we articulate offers so irresistible that your perfect avatar will never be able to say no to you.


  • Use the extreme value solutions to create your offers.

  • Offer composition.

  • Listing of possible guarantee types.

  • Type selection per offer + guarantee articulation.

  • Ethical creation of urgency and scarcity.

  • Offers synthesis.

11. Perfect Business Model.

We select a viable business model for your avatar that meets the 7 criteria of the perfect business. The underlying objective is to help you increase your gross margin by delivering more value to your customers.


  • Business model vs pricing system.

  • Analysis, comparison, and destruction of the Canva Business Model and Lean Canva.

  • Canvas Models vs Frameworks.

  • Listing of the 45 most common business models.

  • Classic business models used by SaaS startups.

  • Defining your business model.

12. Perfect Pricing.

We define an irresistible pricing system for your perfect avatar. The goal: increase your gross profit margin.


  • Pricing theory.

  • Pricing pro tips.

  • Defining of your pricing system.

13. Ultimate Naming.

We name your brand-new offers to make them even more irresistible. Need to change your brand's name? Now's the time.


  • Explanations related to naming in general.

  • The magic formula for naming offers.

  • Naming your offers.

14. Practical Brand Platform.

Creating and distributing a document summarizing all the elements that characterize your brand. This document allows you to infuse the soul of the brand into all levels of the business.

This framework is an extensive tutorial that allows you to write the final version of “your business's bible.”


  • Definition of a brand platform.

  • Brand Soul® integration.

  • Brand personality sliders + brand archetypes.

  • Brand positioning.

  • Brand manifesto.

  • Why + How + What.

  • Unique Story Proposition.

15. Triple One.

Implementation of a sales and marketing strategy in total alignment with all previous work conclusions.


  • Marketing vs sales.

  • 4 types of marketing angles + selecting an angle.

  • Triple one strategy :

    • 1 perfect avatar.

    • 1 distribution channel.

    • 1 offer.

  • Marketing + sales templates and scripts for each angle of attack.

16. Practical Brand Identity.

This stage aligns the brand's identity with all the conclusions drawn from the previous work. The aim is to make the brand image evolve in tune with all the changes in the business.


  • Listing of mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Definition of the steps to follow to create a solid brand identity.

  • Perfect criteria for a practical logo.

  • Perfect criteria for a practical graphic charter.

  • Advice on working with the right design service provider.

17. Practical Brand Guidelines.

Rationalization and documentation of your brand's image rules and best practices.


  • Definition and purpose of brand guidelines.

  • Listing of mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Template of detailed brand guidelines for product and marketing use.

18. Practical Pitch.

Learn to perfectly pitch what your business and brand provide to the world... Because what's the use of being great if you can't explain it?


  • Basic rules of verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Building your brand pitch.

  • Practical tips and tricks for pitching.

19. Real Life Pivot Plan (Bonus).

This last step helps set the course towards achieving your business's long-term ideal.

We facilitate the pivot on the product side by reviewing your existing products and services and skimming them down to align the business with its objectives.


  • Redefining the objectives, roles, and scope of Product Managers, Product Designers, and Developers.

  • A method for reworking the product roadmap.

  • A method for reprioritizing subjects linked to the product's future.

  • A method that makes it easier to maintain and evolve the product.

  • A method to reduce the gap between dev and product design teams.

PS This bonus framework is not included in the Perfect Business System by default. It must be unlocked.

Our customers unlock this bonus framework when we install the Perfect Business System for the company they've decided to refer.