Private coaching.

  • You don't know how to communicate your message clearly.

  • Has your company been stuck at the same level for too long?

  • Only your customers understand what you do and why it matters?

  • You don't know how to align your marketing, sales, and branding strategies?

  • Do you need a predictable and effective sales system to attract more leads and acquire more customers?

Our private coaching program gives you the instruction, guidance, and plan to take your business to the next level.

On the agenda:

  • Business strategy

  • Brand strategy

  • Positioning

  • Marketing strategy

  • Sales strategy

Your business... on steroids.

Our private coaching is designed for ambitious businesses looking to get the most out of their marketing and sales efforts without wasting money.

To do this, we start by auditing your brand. During the first few sessions, we'll work together to conduct a complete assessment of your business using our audit framework.

Once we have all the elements, we write the audit report.

From this, we will define a coaching program tailor-made for your business.

Each session of the program lasts between 1 to 7 hours. Our goal is to tackle one business problem per session.

Selective coaching.

Our private coaching program is designed for the ambitious, the passionate, and the determined.

To provide high-quality, personalized coaching to our clients, we limit the number of available seats and carefully select our clients from among our applicants.

To benefit from our coaching, you must be thorough, confident, and serious in your approach. We will ask you to write a motivation letter after registration to assure us of your tenacity.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most motivated and ambitious candidates benefit from our personalized support.

For us, it is also an opportunity to get a first mental image of your project.

Don't miss out. Places are limited.

The critical steps of private coaching :

Step 1: Click the application button to send us your application letter.

Step 2: We will review your application within 2 weeks.

Step 3: If you are selected, we will schedule a call to meet and set a date for the audit.

Step 4: We conduct the brand audit with you. At the end of this workshop, we will write the complete report of your brand audit, including the state of your business and our recommendations.

Step 5: We organize a call with you to agree on a coaching program based on the audit findings.

Step 6: In each session, we tackle one of your business issues and leave with a list of specific actions to be taken before the next session.

Step 7: Once all sessions are completed, we review your situation.

TL;DR - The big picture.

You get access to a highly selective program that allows you to connect the brain of your business (your brand) with its muscles (marketing + sales) to get your business to the moon.

Included in the package:

  • Access to your private Discord space 24/7.

  • Kickoff call.

  • Business assessment: Brand audit + Synthesis + Recommendations.

  • Customized coaching sessions.

On your Discord space, you can contact us anytime to ask questions. We answer within 24 hours, but usually within 2 hours during office hours.


Our private coaching is at least a 3-month program.

The business assessment (Brand Audit + Synthesis + Recommendations) costs 5000鈧.

Then, each session of the customized program costs 3000鈧.

It is not uncommon for our clients to recover their entire investment within six months after working together.

You can sign up using the button below, but before you click, let us tell you this:

Our coaching program is not for everyone. We go in depth. You have to be ready to change habits, routines, and processes you've held onto for years.

Change can be scary. It's hard for everyone.

But if you want things to improve, you must change something.

If you think you're ready, here's the link to apply:

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Registration is free and without obligation.

If you are accepted into our coaching program, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

We don't want your money if we are not a match.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your business audit report, let us know, and we will give you a full refund.