Mental Breakdown for Marketers

Show them that you didn't sell your soul. You just need a well-defined brand.

Take control of your content and tools, any time and anywhere. Use the complete definition of your brand to empower your campaigns. Your brand core values, voice, and image are finally aligned.

Why brand strategy matters?

Imagine that you work for a brand called "Anteros". With it, you're in the game of making and selling shoes.

Your target market defines itself by two differentiating properties:

  • Individual-driven vs Family-driven.

  • Convenient vs Fashion.

Let's assume that there is no existing brand strategy for this fictitious company.

Okay there's 4 differenciating spots, but...

What would you choose?

  • Fashion + Ultra Individual-Driven?

  • Ultra convenient + Ultra Family-Driven?

  • Ultra fashion + Ultra Family-Driven?

  • Right in the middle of both?

The hard truth

You can't choose

If some little voices in your head say that they know which positioning to choose, don't listen. They're misleading you.

But why?

Because we yet don't know and understand the fictitious company Anteros.

Before trying to position ourselves on the market, we need to define Anteros:

Core values, strategy, mission, vision, community, ...

"Alright, but I know the company I work for."

Once again, not really.

You think you know the company you're in. The truth is, you probably well-defined the brand... in your head... only for you.

But you're not alone in the company. You have to represent the whole brand and not one subjective vision of it. Branding-wise, we always need to stay connected to the bigger picture.

There's a gazillion of short-term strategies but only one global vision.

Nicolas Pinto

Head of marketing at Skaleet

Positioning is just an example.

Everything you do is based on the definition of your brand.

  • A meaningful look and feel based on a brand strategy.

    Knowing what to share, how to share it, where to share it, and to who has never been easier. Everything is defined in detail through the brand strategy documents made for your brand. Think of it as a guide to refresh your wardrobe. It is easier to know how to dress when you really know yourself.

  • Sharing a coherent message. Made easy.

    Coherence is what brings trust. The people we love are the ones that express their true selves anytime, anywhere, with anybody. Brands work the same way. Help yourself and learn how to bring coherence to your brand by understanding it better.

  • A brand platform structured for an everyday use.

    Having a brand platform and brand guidelines is useful to bring the best out of your brand. When looking back at each content ever produced for your company, you'll experience the same feeling. You'll help people understand the brand by using the recurring patterns we tailor-made for your brand.

Not just for marketers.

  • For CEOs.

    Stuck with your brand's big idea. Do you need to express it clearly to clients and team members? Let's show the world what you got.

    See: CEOs
  • For brand managers.

    Take a step back to clear your brand's vision. Better communicate to the team how the brand looks and feels.

    See: brand managers

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