Mental Breakdown for CEOs

Without vision, you sail a boat with no specific direction.

That's right. You're stuck with your big idea. You need to share it clearly with the world and your team. But nobody taught you how to articulate it. So you're trying hard, alone. This needs to change. Now.

Why vision matters?

Without an articulated vision, you're trying hard, alone.

You get lost easily.

With a clear vision, your brand and its community will move fast, together.

The path becomes almost obvious... for everybody!

Does any of this sound familiar?

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    They don't understand what you really do.

    Always trying to explain yourself to your clients?

    Trying to explain what you do, again and again? Your clients don't get why your mission matters? Well, that's not your fault! It's hard to articulate a clear vision and communicate it to others.

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    You're always compared to your competition.

    Do people confuse what you do with what your competition does?

    People regularly ask you what you can do for them. Then they talk about what your competition does. You ask yourself: "How to get them to remember us?", "How to differentiate ourselves from the others?".

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    You don't have an evident plan to follow.

    Is decision-making hard every time? Is positioning on your market a real pain?

    Making decisions is always unbearable? Knowing what to do next shouldn't be hard. It should be pretty simple and almost seem obvious. For this, you need to know your brand better. Then, and only then, you'll be able to feel which is the best path to take.

With a vision, we make fast and effective progress because we know where to go together.

Bastien Duval

CEO at Blinkl

Match your ambition, define your vision.

  • The power of long term focus.

    By defining your brand's mission and long-term vision, you'll solidify your team's belief system and help them move toward the same goal. Your success will grow as soon as your vision gets clearer. Your faith in your vision will allow you to move mountains.

  • Your teams inhabited by a collective dream.

    Courage, sense of justice, decision-making, sense of responsibility, teamwork, etc. All of those skills will be used by your mates. Why? Thanks to the collective dream they share. Through their burning desire to make their dream come true, they'll go beyond what you expected. By the way, those skills are already there. They are just waiting to be awakened by a collective dream.

  • An effective way to reach your community.

    Now you know what to share: your clear vision. You know what people want: to say what they stand for. You have a plan to help them find you: sharing your beliefs. The people that believe in what you believe will follow your lead. You just need to act on your brand strategy. It is not the client's job to know what they want. It is their job to know who to trust.

Not just for CEOs.

  • For marketers.

    Effectively communicate what your brand is and do by bringing coherence to the community you interact with.

    See: marketers
  • For brand managers.

    Take a step back to clear your brand's vision. Better communicate to the team how the brand looks and feels.

    See: brand managers

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