Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

The solution:

You already know that the most precious resource is time. To avoid wasting it, all you need is the right method.

Every day, your brand becomes more and more anchored in the minds of the people crossing its path.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to change its image. Adopting the correct position today is gaining impact tomorrow.

  • You win a no win situation by changing the rules.


    Before lying to others, we lie to ourselves. We tell each other we don't need much; we need a new logo.

    But we don't. We need much more.

    From now on, we know it.
    Let's stop lying to ourselves.
    Knowing is power.

    Making excuses cannot be excused.
    Let's discover the steps required to build a strong brand image.

    • Step 01

      Brand Audit

      We start with a workshop.
      We'll be a pain in the @ss. We'll ask you a bunch of questions. The objective is simple: to define "the current state island" and "the dream state island.

      Now, we can build the bridge to your dream brand image by articulating these two states.

      Once the workshop is over, we will synthesize everything and give it to you. This document will serve as the basis for our future work.

      The themes of the workshop:

      • The brand's history
      • The brand attributes
      • The targets
      • The vision
      • The symptoms
      • The objectives
      • The future of the business
      • The competition

      Bam! Synthesis of your answers, including our analysis of the situation.

    • Step 02

      Brand Strategy

      We know where you want to go. Now we coordinate the actions that will get you there.

      Defining your brand's strategy is to give it the soul it will have for the next 100 years.

      In several workshops, we define:

      • your brand's purpose
      • its mission
      • its vision
      • its values
      • its trends
      • its fundamental difference
      • its onliness statement
      • its community
      • its loyalty system
      • its sworn enemy
      • its blue ocean
      • its contact points
      • its name
      • and its slogan(s)

      Like Jack Sparrow, your brand finally has a magic compass that guides it to its greatest desires.

    • Step 03


      Let's imagine for a moment that your brand is in high school. Every day, she wanders into a giant playground called "market." Her goals are simple:

      • get into the correct groups
      • position herself well
      • gain popularity

      Nothing could be easier with a little method.
      We analyze the different groups in the playground.
      We determine the most interesting ones to attack.
      We choose the best position to adopt.
      We take action more intelligently than the competition.

      The translation in terms of branding:

      • Competitor analysis
      • Competitive landscape definition in the form of matrixes
      • Positioning of the competition on these matrixes
      • Positioning your brand on the empty spot that resonates the most

      All this becomes easy with your compass of desires: your brand strategy.

    • Step 04

      Brand Identity

      This is it, finally, the logo! 😱

      It's time to align your brand strategy, positioning, and identity.

      It's time to make your brand recognizable, identifiable, and unforgettable.

      It's time to get your image right.

      The basic deliverables :

      • logo
      • business cards
      • social network banners
      • company profile picture
      • 2D/3D illustrations
      • icons

      Specific deliverables will be defined together 🤘

  • Devil is in the details: the optional steps.

    Better. Faster. Stronger.

    We suffer more from imagination than reality.

    Your teams, ambassadors, and community need you to guide them.

    It's time to buy your round of glasses to help everyone get out of the blur.

    • Step 05

      Brand Platform

      Good leaders push their people beyond their limits.
      Great leaders give them the best context to thrive.

      At this stage, we slow things down:

      • We take everything we've seen before
      • We synthesize, contextualize and make it easy to understand
      • Then, we push things even further.

      Why do we do this?

      We are humans. Our memory is flawed... so we forget a lot of stuff.
      We are humans. Therefore we are biased... so we tend to distort everything.
      We are humans. We like to connect... so we always end up working as a team.

      The brand platform allows us to:

      • get reminding boosters in moments of doubt.
      • remain as objective as possible and work towards accuracy.
      • motivate everyone to do something totally sick and bigger than a single individual: TO ENABLE YOUR BRAND TO FULFILL ITS MISSION.

      Inside is the intelligible articulation of everything we've seen before... with extra:

      • The Why, How, and What of the brand
      • The brand's manifesto
      • Its Unique Story Proposition
    • Step 06

      Brand Guidelines

      Welcome to the paradise of salespeople, marketers, copywriters, and other high-quality content producers.

      For your brand, Brand Guidelines are as important as :

      • Newton's apple to understand the laws of attraction
      • David's slingshot to beat Goliath
      • Elon Musk's money to buy Twitter

      They allow your teams to produce any content without distorting your brand image.

      Photo, video, website, landing page, TV ad, urban billboard ... the possibilities are endless. Your brand expresses itself with a single voice.

      Regardless of the service provider, your brand remains consistent across all channels.

    • Step 07

      Brand Pitch Deck

      As a wise man once said, "What's the point of being great if you can't explain it?".

      In 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or 30 minutes... You don't need a second chance to make an excellent first impression.

      Having a good product or service is good. Being able to present it in the right way is even better.

      The Brand Pitch Deck is a tool that allows you to clearly present your brand and your project to investors or future partners.

      You will finally be able to communicate your mission, vision, values, and solutions clearly to the audience that matters.

      Creating excitement is finally the least of your problems.

One more thing...

Branding is the backbone of your entire business.

Every project your brand undertakes is built on its foundation. In other words, your service providers need to know your brand inside and out.

We are the guardians of your brand image accuracy. We make sure to intelligently guide your service providers in their achievements. All your projects will reflect the image that your brand deserves to have.