Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Our mission: Guide your brand

We create bold brands and guide them in the right direction, so they can change the world.

Thanks to our precise methodology, overcome your obstacles and become the brand your community is looking for.
  • Phase 01


    An impactful brand needs to move quickly to action. To do so, it needs a plan.

    This strategic phase will allow you to define precisely the long-term development of your brand.

    All of this to reach one goal: become inevitable.

    • Step 01

      Brand Discovery

      One watchword: listening.

      We do not put the cart before the horse. You need to be able to evaluate where your brand is at to make it evolve.

      That is why we are conducting a full audit of your existing brand to:

      • Understand where you are.
      • Define where you want to go.
      • Help you get there.
    • Step 02

      Brand Strategy

      This is the brain of the operation!

      This step allows you to coordinate your brand actions to help it achieve its specific goals.

      It will serve you as well tomorrow as in several decades.

      It is the battle plan that will guarantee the consistency and continuity of your brand identity.

    • Step 03


      Analyzing + Positioning + Attacking = Maximum impact!

      The brandscape is based on the brand strategy.

      We conduct an in-depth analysis of your market to choose the best positioning to adopt.

      The objective: conquer your target audience.

  • Phase 02


    No leader without a tribe. Your brand is nothing without its audience!

    To rally them to your cause, it is essential to transmit your brand essence to your teams, but also to your external partners.

    • Step 04

      Brand Platform

      A gold mine for your brand.

      The brand platform is a reference document. It summarizes all the previous steps and processes in a digestible and concise way.

      Its underlying objectives?

      • Align your entire team and partners around the same brand definition, thus permitting a real internal effervescence.
      • Create ambassadors to spread your brand message externally.
    • Step 05

      Brand Pitch Deck

      First impressions are always important!

      Having a good product/service is nice. But being able to present it the right way is better.

      A brand pitch deck is a tool that allows you to clearly introduce, to your investors, your brand, and your project.

      With this tool, you will be able to communicate your mission, your vision, and your solutions to the significant problems you want to solve.

  • Phase 03


    Identity is the overall look and feel of your brand. It is what people will see everywhere and all the time. That is why it must be impactful and differentiating.

    • Step 06

      Brand Identity

      It is the visual, auditory, almost non-verbal transcription of all the strategies developed beforehand.

      With the help of all the strategic bricks mentioned above, our team will develop the unique identity that corresponds to you!

      Our mission: make your brand recognizable, identifiable, and unforgettable.

    • Step 07

      Brand Guidelines

      Have a single and unique voice.

      Whether in the video, photo, print, websites, etc. The objective of brand guidelines is to allow your brand to express its personality with a single voice to the world.

      It is a register of rules that allows you to bring consistency to your brand image.

      With the help of these guidelines, you can express yourself through any channel, without risking the continuity of your brand image.

5 rings illustrating the 5 main branding components

A long-term support

As we all know, branding is a process that takes time.

Mental Breakdown will always be committed to using a social approach with his partners. We will never be satisfied until you are too.

We don't want to be any service provider. We want to be a part of your success.