Mental Breakdown

Year: 2021


  • Leadership Workshops

  • Brand Strategy

  • Naming

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Positioning

  • Verbal Identity

  • Visual Identity

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Platform

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Website

Backstory time!

March 15, 2020, the domain name is purchased.
March 17, 2020, Covid-19, the beginning of the first lockdown in France.

Many saw this forced isolation as a problem. We saw it as an opportunity! We have a month and a half to get the work done and avoid distractions from the outside world.
Here's where Mental Breakdown began.

On October 22, 2021, the Mental Breakdown – The company – is born!
Here we are 586 days after the start of the adventure.

586 days of hard work to launch the project of a lifetime.
During all the days following October 22, we will have only one mission:
Enable ambitious companies to achieve excellence through branding!

In this case study, we are opening the backstage of Mental Breakdown. You will discover all the work behind the construction of our brand, from a rather visual angle.

PS For the more strategic angle, you are free to browse the entire site.

Have a good reading!

The backstory

Every good story begins with an idea, such as the three founders of Mental Breakdown.

Alan, Johan, and Alban gathered around this simple idea: to allow companies to reward excellence, merit, and ambition to allow their employees to really make a difference.

Where did this idea come from? Directly from their old jobs.

Our three founders were frustrated to see projects distorted by short-term issues taking precedence over the very nature of the projects in question.
Too short deadlines, unhealthy political games, misplaced ego...

All these elements are only symptoms, the real problem was the misdefinition of the essence of these upstream projects.

How to change that? By taking the bull by the horns, attacking the source of the problem: the branding.

Here is the genesis of Mental Breakdown.

Creating Mental Breakdown

To solve the problem at the source, we must allow companies to correctly define the essence of their projects.

But before we do it for them, we must do it for ourselves. We must create a strong brand image for ourselves.

It is this brand image that will allow us to fulfill our long-term mission and bring real value to society.

To best meet these challenges, we had to design and streamline our entire method and then put it into action for our brand.

The 586 first days:
Business model, business plan, definition of our targets, interviews, personae creation, services definition, services productization, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand platform, brand identity, brand guidelines, brand pitch, services deck, and website.

It's also thousands of coffee cups, sleepless nights, going crazy with sketches, a lot of time invested, and a lot of love.

But of course, it doesn't stop there!

Help the world

Many do not know what “well-done branding” is. Many do not know what branding brings. Many do not know what branding is.

To bring the most value to the world, we must: inspire, advise, educate, help and guide our community (peers, prospects, customers, students, professors, competitors, etc.).

To do this, we must go beyond our simple definition. We must use it to share all of our expertise with the world.

After the first 586 days:
LinkedIn page, Instagram account, Twitter account, YouTube channel, branding guide, branding quiz, blog, carousels on LinkedIn, daily posts on personal LinkedIn accounts, free resources, and courses.

It is also lots of exchanges, responses to comments, questioning, discussions, videos, lives, and webinars.

The future

Of course, we're not going to stop in such a good way.
This is just the beginning!

We see much bigger for Mental Breakdown.

In the long term, we put ourselves entirely at the service of Branding. Our goal is to serve the branding community, facilitate its learning and help with its implementation on a large scale.

We will help the French branding community come together, communicate and grow.

Mental Breakdown will open the French school of well-made Branding.

Mental Breakdown will be your trusted partner.